Teacher Training Practice I
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Õpetajakoolituse praktika I
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Teacher Training Practice I
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
Tiina Anspal (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2022/2023 Spring semester
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Course aims
To create the prerequisite basis for connecting the knowledge of educational science and subject didactics to the reality of school life;
To support the development of observational and analytical skills regarding pedagogical situations and study environments;
To help students adapt to the role of a teacher.
Brief description of the course
The organisation of Teacher Training Practice I and course content have been linked to the educational science courses of the teacher training programme, such as KAT7044.HR and KAT7032.HR, and subject didactics studies. Training practice takes place during the autumn semester for six days in the partner schools of Tallinn University and in professional placement institutions connected to the university. The integrated tasks and their analysis will take place in the educational science courses of the teacher training programme. In the course Teacher Training Practice I, the student will practise the skills acquired in the educational science courses. Training practice tasks will focus on the following subjects: 1. Shaping the study environment to support the social, emotional and cognitive development of students. 2. Planning, implementing and analysing the study process based on the study programme. During training practice, the activities will take 3 hours per day (18 hours in total). The student will complete various observational tasks. Based on classroom observation and completed tasks, the student will analyse the lessons, the teacher's activity and its influence on students. In addition, in the course of completing practical tasks, they will analyse their own activity as well as that of their fellow students and the involvement of students. Feedback will be given and theory and training practice will be analysed in the educational science courses which follow the school visits. Seminars (4 hours in total) will be held at the beginning and end of training practice.
The organisation of training practice and relevant tasks will be introduced in the courses KAT7044.HR and KAT7032.HR, and subject didactics courses. Training practice tasks will be made available electronically in eDidaktikum.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- notices and analyses the connections between real school life and the theoretical knowledge acquired in educational science courses, observes school life from the role of a teacher and follows professional and ethical requirements;
- observes, studies and analyses the study environment in the school, the various work tasks of teachers, the way a lesson is given, the teacher's actions in shaping an emotionally supportive and inclusive study environment, and in managing social and emotional processes (including group processes) in the schooling process;
- observes, studies and analyses students' activities and perceptional processes in classrooms, linking the analysis results with knowledge about supporting general competence-related development;
- compiles an overview of a completion of school's vision on learning and educational activities formulated in the development plan.
KAT7031.HR, KAT7032.HR õppejõud
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