Teaching Practice I
Course code
old course code
Course title in Estonian
Põhipraktika I
Course title in English
Teaching Practice I
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lecturer of 2021/2022 Spring semester
Sirje Siska (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
Link dictactics based knowledge with the school reality.
Support the students skills of communicating with the school staff and students, in the role of an upcoming teacher.
Enable the student to gain experiences and progress as the subject-specific teacher.
To create prerequisites for independent work as a geography teacher.

Brief description of the course
The student will take part in the internship's beginning- and ending seminar ,which takes place in school and in the university, and is organized by the department's subject methodologists and chief methodologist.
The student, as an intern-teacher,will observe-listen classes specific to their speciality, compose an observation-listening summary, analyses occurred lessons with the teacher; will get acquainted with the school as a system, where they have been directed to complete their internship; fill out their internship folder regularly.
The student will practice their skills, as an intern-teacher indipendently, meaning will carry out lessons themselves (no less than 8 lessons a week), which involves composing summaries to according subjects.
The student will consult with the according subject-teachers and subject methodologists.
The student will perform tasks that are assigned to them by the methologists.
If possible the student will arrange and conduct a subject-specific event.
The student will present the internship folder, to the subject-teachers, subject methodologists and to the chief methodologist.
The student will visit classes specific to their speciality the given number of times (look, Addition 2 speciality’s internship guide), and will conduct written observation-listening summaries per every observed lesson, which they will present to the subject-teachers/methodologists directly after the occurred lesson, or at the very latest on the following day and add those to their internship folder.
The summary must contain the information about the lesson carried out by the teacher, according to the provided scheme.
The student will compose lesson summaries, which they will present to the subject teacher and subject methodologist at least two days prior to the occurrence of the according lesson.
The student will plan and conduct at least one subject-centered event(outing,educational trip etc), as an intern-teacher.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- be capable of taking into consideration the following goals of education, when planning out the teaching- and upbringing process in cooperation with their supervisor; national curriculum and school curriculum, creating connections between various subjects and thematic areas;
- use precise subject-based knowledge, vocabulary and methods, when carrying out the teaching- and upbringing process.The study materials should be age-appropriate and adaptable to the specifications /individualities of a student;
- analyse the teaching- and upbringing process in cooperation with their supervisors and their own work according to the priorly planned goals and base documents,
- therefore be able to plan further action according to the gained knowledge and, when composing the internship development folder, will take into consideration the content regarding requirements and the form requirements;
- follow the courtesy rules and the school's regular operating practices, be guided by the teacher’s ethics, cooperate with supervisors and other people related to the internship.
Sirje Siska MSc
The course is a prerequisite