Digital Media
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Digitaalne meedia
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Digital Media
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Andrus Rinde (eesti keel) e-toega kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
A purpose of this subject is to enable the students to develop knowledge and competence of recording and editing different types of digital media. To develop competence of using digital audio- and video editing software.
Brief description of the course
Different types of media, their representations in analog and digital form.
Digital audio recording and editing. Audio compression. Digital video recording and editing. Different formats of digital video. Video compression. Basic special-effects.
Description of independent work: Independent work includes creation and editing of audio and video clips.
Independent work
In addition every student must submit individual assignment, where (s)he demonstrates the ability and skills recording and editing digital media files.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completing this course, students:
Know different types of media, their representation in both – analog and digital form.
Know principles of editing digital media.
Are able to choose suitable tools for digital media editing.
Can record and edit digital audio (including noise reduction, multitrack editing, etc.).
Can record and edit digital video (including some basic special effects etc.).
Assessment methods
Exam. Exam contains written test based on lecture material and practical exercise.
Andrus Rinde
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