Organic Chemistry II
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Orgaaniline keemia II
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Organic Chemistry II
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Course aims
The aim of this course is the disquisition of theoretical branches of study in organic chemistry.
Brief description of the course
Chemical bonds and molecular structure. Electron effects: induction, conjugation and resonance. Mesomeric structures. Aromaticity. Hetero-aromatic compounds. Electrophilic substitution reactions of aromatic compounds, rules of orientation. Stereochemistry. Configuration and conformation. Optical Activity. Chirality. Acid-based characteristics of organic compounds. Redox reactions in organic chemistry. Element- and metallo-organic compounds. a-Substitution and condensation. Reactions of carbonyl compounds. Nucleophilic substitution. Reactions of carboxylic acid derivatives. Bifunctional carboxylic acids (hydroxy-, oxy- and amino acids). High molecular organic compounds (polymers). Biopolymers.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has an exhaustive knowledge of the substance classes of organic compounds, reactivity and mechanisms, is able to solve the problems of the reactivity;
- is able to independently read and understand the modern scientific literature about organic chemistry;
- is able to understand the relationships between organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and biochemistry;
- is able to use the knowledge about the organic chemistry in before mentioned disciplines.
MSc Helene Tigro
Prerequisite course 1