Master´s Thesis Seminar I
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Magistritöö seminar I
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Master´s Thesis Seminar I
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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Course aims
To support students’ specialization and development of practical skills for designing and conducting research studies. To prepare students for writing and defending a Master’s thesis.
Brief description of the course
The seminar will support the linking of individual students' interests and topics delivered in the curriculum, as well as the selection of a suitable Master's thesis topic and the preparation of a Master's thesis framework. Students will present their initial master thesis topics and structure during the seminar, where broader social, theoretical and methodological aspects related to the chosen topic will be discussed in order to create a suitable framework for Master's thesis and readiness to conduct research.

During the seminar, the practical preparation of students for independent research will take place:
- practical foundations of conducting research;
- defining the research topic and formulating the research problem;
- searching for and using subject literature and research resources;
- developing a theoretical framework for research;
- methodological choices and application of methods.
Independent work
Independent work consists of choosing the topic of Master's thesis, planning and presenting the structure of the work and reading related scientific publications.

Preparing and presenting the preliminary Master's thesis project. Consultations take place during the contact days or through social media.
Learning outcomes in the course
- is able to practically develop a research plan;
- is able to independently find theoretical resources about the topic;
- is able to develop a theoretical framework for the study;
- prepares an initial research plan.
Assessment methods
Assessment (pass/fail). Preparing and presenting the preliminary Master's thesis project.

In order to pass the assessment, the studenty must participate actively in all contact lessons and introduce the Master's thesis project. The Master's thesis project is considered as accepted if the course participant has completed the parts of the Master's thesis project according to the requirements (introduced on the first contact day) and registered the topic of the Master's thesis at the School of Digital Technologies. References to scientific publications in the Master's thesis project must be properly formatted (preferably according to APA6 referencing system).
Hans Põldoja
The course is a prerequisite
Study literature
Hirsjärvi, S., Remes, P. & Sajavaara, P. (2005). Uuri ja kirjuta. Tallinn: Medicina;
Digitehnoloogiate instituut. (2019). Dokumendid ja juhendid. Loetud aadressil
Replacement literature
Määratletakse magistritöö juhendaja poolt vastavalt magistritöö teemale.