Technology-enhanced Learning in Organization
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Tehnoloogiapõhine õpe organisatsioonis
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Technology-enhanced Learning in Organization
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lecturer of 2023/2024 Spring semester
Kai Pata (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2024/2025 Autumn semester
Not opened for teaching. Click the study programme link below to see the nominal division schedule.
Course aims
The aim of the course is to support the enhancement of the knowledge and skills of the students to plan, implement and evaluate the technology-enhanced informal learning in the organisation.
Brief description of the course
Themes covered in the course: learning, informal learning, workplace-learning in the organization, technological possitibilities for enhancing the learning, implementation theories and frameworks, evaluation of the implementation process, methods for evaluating prototypes.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows different technological possibilities for planning methodologically and conducting learning in the organization;
- is able to choose suitable implementation strategies for supporting the self-regulated and community learning in the organization;
- is able to analyze the feedback data and to use them for continious improvement of the implementation process;
- is able to councel the members of the organization when planning the personal development based on the needs of the organization;
- knows how to plan, implement and evaluate the technology-based learning in the organization
Kai Pata
Additional information
Tasks are passed and the student has attended at least 75% of the lessons.
All the tasks have to be submitted in learning environment and presented in workshop.