Introduction to Operating Systems Management
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Operatsioonisüsteemide alused ja haldamine
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Introduction to Operating Systems Management
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
The purpose of the course is to give overview of the main principles of operating systems and introduce the administrative tools of operating systems and their usage.
Brief description of the course
- History of operating systems
- Main principles of operating systems
- Windows operating systems
- Linux operating systems
- Installation of operating systems
- Configuration of operating systems
+ Elementary security settings
+ Configuration of UI
+Configuration of services
+ User account management
- Remote management
- Virtualization
- Command line interface and scripting
- Mass deployment of operating systems
- Backup and recovery of data
Independent work
Student will complete four independent assignments. The solution to each assignment will be a written report. Typical assignment will be a configuration of some subsystem of operating system as per given specifications. The exact specifications of individual assignments can be found in course syllabus.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completing the course student:
- is able to name different operating systems and describe their differences;
- is able to name and describe main principles and subsystems of operating systems;
- is able to install and update operating systems;
- knows how to configure operating system components for different scenarios;
- is able to name, find and use administrative tools necessary for maintaining operating systems;
- knows how to use virtualization tools at basic level.
Assessment methods
Written exam in the form of multiple choice test. In order to be allowed to take the exam, student must complete all individual assignment at passing grade. Multiple choice test gives 100% of the final mark.
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