Object Oriented Programming in C++
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Objektorienteeritud programmeerimine keeles C++
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Object Oriented Programming in C++
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autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
The aim of course is to give basic understanding about programming language C++ and his object-oriented usage in software development.
Brief description of the course
Software objects compared to objects in real world. Main principes to creating object-oriented programming code. History of C++, fields of usage, language structure. Describing objects in C++, classes. Methods and data fields. Encapsulation. Inheritance. Polymorphism. Virtual functions. Templates. Memory handling, constructor and destructor, new and delete. Function overloading. Default parameters in functions.Error and exception handling. Operator overloading. Comparision of C#, Java and C++. Design patterns.
Independent work
Solving programming exercises which started at school.
Learning outcomes in the course
The learner knows goals and usage scope of object-oriented languages. He can develop programs in C++ which use usual object-oriented concepts, structures and design patterns.
Assessment methods
Exam. Student must explain his 5 homeworks, answer to theoretical questions and solve exercise.
Jaagup Kippar
Study literature

Thinking in C++
C++11 ja C++03 spetsifikatsioonide võrdlus:
C++ spetsifikatsiooni uuendustega kaasnevate muudatuste analüüs

Replacement literature
Asenduskirjanduse abil kursuse läbimine on võimalik kokkuleppel õppejõuga.