Algorithms and Data Structures
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Algoritmid ja andmestruktuurid
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Algorithms and Data Structures
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
Contribute to developing knowledge of linear and nonlinear data structures and their practical implementation skills. Support the development of problem analysis and solving based on the various data structures, using appropriate algorithms. Support the development of practical programming experience in C language with pointers.
Brief description of the course
Lists. Linear data structures - stack, sequence, deque, properties, implementation. Tree. Binary tree: implementation, basic algorithms. Graph: implementation, basic algorithms depth- and breadth-first traversals, the shortest path, topological sort). Basic algorithmic analysis: Asymptotic analysis of upper and average complexity, identifying bounds, differences between best, average, and worst case behaviours, big O notation. Algorithmic strategies. O (N ^ 2) and O (N * log N) sorting algorithms. Searching. Binary seach tree. Hashing.
Three homeworks must be done: solving a problem and presenting solution in a program.
Independent work
As an independent work it is necessary to finish practical tasks and read course materials, learn the main concepts of the field before corresponding lecture.
Learning outcomes in the course
After the course, the student:
Knows concepts about analysis and evaluation of algorithms and complexity. Describes dynamic and static data structures, and algorithms for them. Is able to analyze algorithms and evaluate their effectiveness. Can in case of more typical problems choose appropriate data structures and algorithms, depending on the problem to be solved. Creates a computer program, witch uses learnd algorithms to solve the problems.
Assessment methods
Exam. The final Grade is based on written examwork. The prerequisite for an examination is a written test. With this test will be checked students programming skills and knowledge of programming languages and the work is passed with at least 50% of the points.
Inga Petuhhov
Study literature
Õppematerjalid kursuse veebilehel:;
V. Leppikson, Programmeerimine C keeles. 1997
Algoritmid ja andmestruktuurid. Kiho, J. 2003.
Replacement literature
R. Sedgewick, Algorithms in C (Parts 1-5). 2002;
Ain Isotamm, Programmeerimine C-keeles ("Algoritmide ja andmestruktuuride" näiteil), TÜ, 2009.