Networks and Data Communications
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Arvutivõrgud ja andmeside
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Networks and Data Communications
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Meelis Karp (eesti keel) e-toega kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
The course creates premises for obtaining elaborated knowlidge about the development, construction, working principles, use range and the technical situation in Estonia of data communication networks. The course also gives general guidelines for engineering networks.
Brief description of the course
Introduction. Data communication main concepts. Internet application protocols. OSI model, casing. TCP and UDP protocols. IP protocol, IP adresses. Router. Public internet, ISP, end users conflation with internet. Virtual services in TCP/IP networks. TCP/IP diagnostics. WAN technologies. Office-network technologies, Ethernet. CSMA/CD, Ethernet mediums. Ethernet central processing unit. Ethernet diagnostcs, SNMP.
Independent work
For independent work student have to provide report on a given topic.
Learning outcomes in the course
Knowlidge about data communication;
Ability to orientate in data communication networks and in the work principles of different technologies;
Ability to engineer data communication networks and use services provided on the market;
Preparedness to analyse and solve problems regarding Ethernet and TCP/IP networks.
Assessment methods

Meelis Karp
Study literature
Õppejõu materjalid veebis.
Replacement literature
Sissejuhatus võrgutehnoloogiasse. Laaneoks, Erkki. Tartu Ülikool (2010)
Ethernet Networks: Design, Implementation, Operation. Held, Gilbert. WileyBlackwell (2002)
Data and Computer Communications. Stallings, William. Prentice Hall (2006)
Computer Networks. Tanenbaum, Andrew S. Prentice Hall (2002)
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