Maintenance of Computers and Networks
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Maintenance of Computers and Networks
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
To give a basic understanding and premises for obtaining elaborated knovledge about the maintenance and administering of computer networks. To help to create practical experience for administering of computer networks of small and middle-sized companies. The course also gives an introduction and best practices for maintenancing the most widespread operating systems for internet servers.
Brief description of the course
Documenting hardware and software of computers and network infrascructure. HelpDesk. Basics of computer maintenance. Installing and administering system resources, users, groups, file systems, etc on UNIX-like (Linux) operating system family. Bootup and shutdown. Planning and implmenting network services: e-mail, DNS, ftp, ntp, ssh, www (Apache server, PHP), Samba server, etc. Configuration files and tools. Data protection, RAID, backup and restore, archiving. Firewall, router, VPN, SNMP. Monitoring, log files.
Independent work
Students individual assignment is to set up a certain network service to work in a certain prerequisited way.
Learning outcomes in the course
Knowledge about the most widespread UNIX-like operating systems and network services, their administering and maintenance;
Ability to set up various network services;
Preparedness to analyse and solve various problems of computer systems;
Preparedness to work in the computer maintenance team.
Assessment methods
Meelis Karp
Study literature
Õppejõu materjalid.
Replacement literature
RedHat Linux Manuals.
Linux in a Nutshell: 2nd edition. Siever, E. (1999). O’Relly.
Sistemnoje administrirovanie Linux: Per.s angl. Karling, M, Degler,
S, Dennis, J. (2000). Izdatelskii dom “Viljams”.
Principles of Network and System Administration. Burgess,M.
(2000). England: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Sissejuhatus võrgutehnoloogiasse. Laaneoks, E (2010).