Studying at the University
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Course title in Estonian
Õppimine kõrgkoolis
Course title in English
Studying at the University
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Teaching semester
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To shape readiness to study at the university and to create possibilities for collaboration and individual learning through shaping academic writing, information seeking and digital competencies. To support the capability to understand the role of digital technologies in modern society.
Brief description of the course
The themes covered during the course are:
- Digital competencies: Overview of the learning environments and social media as a medium for supporting learning, including digital portfolio. Collaboration environments and cloud services; mobile devices for supporting learning; presentation skills;
- Learning skills: Learning styles and strategies; planning of the learning process; time management, self-directness, preparing for the exams;
- Written- and oral self-expression: academic writing, types of academic texts, notes taking, presentations, formating the student works at the School of Digital Technologies, references;
- Information seeking, - sources and technologies - recognizing the need for information; process of information seeking: strategies and tactics. Databases, formulation of the information inquiry, specification, finding and selection of the information sources.
Independent work
- 5 lecture diaries;
- 5 individual assignments;
- an essay.
Learning outcomes in the course
Student who has completed the course:
- knows the learning environments used in learning process and is able to use technologies for supporting learning activities;
- is able to create correctly formatted academic text by using suitable information resources;
- is able to use critical thinking, reading and writing techniques and strategies, analyse the arguments’ content and present the position orally and written way;
- is able to plan the studies, analysing self and own possibilities and based on that make choices;
- knows the areas of research and development related to digital technologies and is able to discuss about the application areas of digital technologies in modern society.
Assessment methods
In order to pass the assessment, the following assignments must be accepted by the lecturer:
- 5 lecture diaries;
- 5 individual assignments;
- an essay.
Hans Põldoja
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