Web Frameworks
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Web Frameworks
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Tauri Kirsipuu (eesti keel) tavaline kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To show students possibilities and structures of different Web frameworks. Give sufficent skills to use existing frameworks in their works and skills to organize self-created tools in structural way.
Brief description of the course
Web frameworks examples.. Data communication. Adding own components to existing frameworks. Separating data layer, business logic and presentation. MVC. Struts framework, Spring, Hibernate.
Independent work
Each student must present some web framework or its special possibilities during the course. More information on course homepage
Learning outcomes in the course
Course participants can use popular web frameworks; have knowledge of possibilities and limitations of frameworks; are able to decide, which parts are reasonable to find from Internet and which should be programmed by themselves.
Assessment methods
Assessment. Each student make presentation about one framework, finish samples with two another framework. Assessment work and theory seminar at the end of the semester. More information on course homepage
Prerequisite course 1
Study literature
Õpitavate raamistike värsketele materjalidele viitab õppejõud kursuse käigus
Replacement literature
Kiiresti arenevate uute raamistike tõttu on vaid asenduskirjanduse alusel kursuse läbimine raskendatud.