Basics of Digital Photography
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Digifotograafia alused
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Basics of Digital Photography
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
Provide structured knowledge about essential principles of digital photography and obtain practical
skills of using equipment to achieve creative results.
Brief description of the course
Digital photography course consists of 3 subtopics:
1. Basics of digital photography. Main features of digital image and related
terminology. Image file and archiving digital images.
2. Practical photography. The use of camera, lenses and additional
equipment. Light and composition in photography.
3. Image editing. Principles of image editing, tools and opportunities.
Introduction to color management and prepress.
Knowledge acquisition includes weekly assignments of practical photography
and image editing. These activities are based on skills of using the camera and
Image editing software. By the end of the course, the students need to present
the outcome of these assignments.
Test of theoretical knowledge includes 10 questions about theoretical bases of
digital photography. Course
Independent work
Individual assignments consist of 7 photographing tasks. Detailed instructions
will be given when the topic is been taught. For individual image editing
assignments, the students need a computer with Adobe Photoshop installed. To
support this activity, a computer class will be available according to room
schedule. A camera is required to participate the course.
Learning outcomes in the course
Has basic knowledge about history of digital photography
Knows the terms and vocabulary of digital photography
Can use camera at beginners level.
Has basic knowledge about light and composition
Can make basic image manipulations
Can prepare digital photos for printing or digital presentation
Has basic knowledge about digital image file formats and archiving
Assessment methods
The course is completed when the student:
1. Completes and presents all required individual assignments
2. Completes the theoretical test with 60% score.
Mati Mõttus
Study literature
Isikliku kaamera kasutusjuhend
Replacement literature
Digital Photography Essentials by Tom Ang 2011.
Digital Photography Step by Step by Tom Ang 2011 (tõlkeraamat eesti k.
Saadava 2012l)
Digital Photography handbook by Doug Harman 2007 (tõlkeraamat eesti k.
Saadaval 2010)