12-18th Centuries Russian Literature
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12.-18. sajandi vene kirjandus
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12-18th Centuries Russian Literature
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Course aims
To give the students the review and the knowledge of the 12-18th century Russian literature; to study biographies of the basic writers.
Brief description of the course
Genesis of the Russian literature. Specificity of the medieval literature. Concept of literary etiquette. Bible books and apocryphal stories. The hagiographical literature of 11-13th centuries. «Skazanie o Borise Glebe». Žitie Alexandra Nevskogo. «Povest` vremennyh let». History of opening and studying, ideological and literary structure of «Slovo o polku Igoreve». The theory «Moscow – the third Rome». The time of Peter the First. The Russian age of Reason and literary school of classicism. The leader of Russian literature till the 1770ies A.Sumarokov and his literary school. G. Derzavin’s biography and poetry. Russian sentimentalism and it’s the most important authors A.Radischev and N.Karamzin. Journalism. Freemasonry, the ideas of Enlightenment in Russia.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- understands the cultural and historical context of the literary process;
- understands the specific character of the middle ages and 18th century literature;
- understands the mechanisms of the formation and development of the literary system.
Sergei Dotsenko, PhD; Anna Gubergrits, PhD