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spring 1
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
Main subject. To provide an overview of the principles of genetics.
Brief description of the course
General course on genetics, which gives an overview of the history of genetics, its main trends and laws - Mendelian genetics and its cellular basis, sex determination and linkage, crossing over and chromosome mapping. Genetic material - properties and replication. Recombination in prokaryotes and transposable elements. Mutations. Gene expression. Quantitative traits. Evolutionary and population genetics.
Independent work
For destined lectures a review paper on current topics are given for additional individual reading. Control tests for students are after the fifth subject and in the penultimate lecture after the twelfth subject and students pass the tests with results at least 50%.
Learning outcomes in the course
Passing the course students must be able to know and analyze basic principles of genetics on different organizational levels: molecular, cellular, individual and population. They must have knowledge on methods used in molecular genetics, their application in biotechnology and medical genetics.
Assessment methods
The final examination will be in the form of a written test. Re-examination is in the form of a written test, too. The written exam consists of thirteen or fourteen multiple-choices questions and two figures or schemes or images, sometimes maybe one genetics task.
dots Ingrid Kalev
Replacement literature
Essential genetics kõik olulised teemad koos videomaterjalidega internetis (;
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Cooper G.M., Hausman R.E. The cell. A molecular approach.ASM Press, Sinauer Ass., Inc. 2009(5th edition). A. Heinaru “Geneetika. Õpik kõrgkoolile”, 2012, TÜ Kirjastus