Structure of Matter
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Aine struktuur
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Structure of Matter
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
Erkki Soika (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2022/2023 Spring semester
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Course aims
To support the development of systematic knowledge of the structure of matter on different levels, of nuclear and radiation physics;
To support the integrative understanding of physics and biology via radiation physics.
Brief description of the course
The basics of atomic physics: Bohr's atomic model, the quantum mechanical model of the atom, x-ray, Moseley's law. The basics of nuclear physics: Radioactivity, the composition of an atomic nucleus, atomic power, binding energy, nuclear reactions. Elementary particles. The interaction between radiation and matter, measuring radioactive radiation. The biological impact of radiation.
Solving exercises on the aforementioned topics.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows the different levels of the structure of matter;
- understands the structure and development of the physical world;
- understands radiation protection, and the impact of different types of radiation on living organisms;
- can solve the problem exercises related to radiation and nuclear physics.
Dotsent PhD Erkki Soika