Teacher and Student as Learners in School and Society
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Õpetaja ja õpilane õppijatena koolis ja ühiskonnas
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Teacher and Student as Learners in School and Society
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lecturer of 2023/2024 Spring semester
Kadi Georg (language of instruction:Estonian)
Triin Ulla (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2024/2025 Autumn semester
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Course aims
The purpose of the course is:
- to form a systematic understanding of school as an institution and of the factors that influence it, and the influence of school on communal relationships and stakeholders;
- to provide an overview of different pedagogical systems and their influence on the pedagogical and learning process;
- to make it possible to analyse the pedagogical reality, based on systematic pedagogical, pedagogical-psychological and didactic knowledge;
- to analyse the ways of acting effectively in different (school environment) situations, and to form an understanding of key counselling skills so as to be a primary helper to pupils in school and a supporter for colleagues and parents;
- to give an overview of the work of a class teacher in school.
Brief description of the course
Teacher education, legislation, professional ethics. Counselling skills for teachers. The process of counselling. Cooperation between a class teacher, colleagues and parents. Child’s development conversation and giving feedback. Inclusion, specifications and conflicts in a group. Crisis pedagogies, sociometry. A teacher as a leader (leadership styles: shared management and inclusive leadership), a teacher and a community: responsibility to ensure cooperation in the network. School as an educational reality. Values in education and educational values. School culture and different pedagogical systems. Overview of different conceptions of man in (philosophy of) education. Philosophy of education as a road to personal development.
Completion of the subject requires simultaneous registration in the subject KAT7037.HR Teacher Training Internship II or YDP7002.YM Teacher Training Internship II and completion of internships.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- can understand the connection between education, era and society, and visible as well as invisible influence that a school’s institutional framework has on an individual;
- has an overview of main modern-day pedagogical systems and innovative practices deriving from these systems;
- can analyse educational reality and is able to put in practice effective means of action in various situations (in school), is able to notice situations of crisis and is aware of different means to prevent them, moreover, is ready for collaborative intervention;
- is aware of responsibilities of a teacher and opportunities in a changing school and society, reflects its professional identity and actions as a teacher (including legislation and teacher’s professional ethics);
- is aware of its influence on students’ values and self-determination processes and is able to direct corresponding processes in a classroom and school environment;
- has knowledge of main counselling skills, can lead a group as a class teacher or a subject teacher, values and knows how to plan and conduct joint activities and development conversations, can cooperate with colleagues and educational stakeholders (including parents, supporting systems, community).
Karoline Säde