International Perspectives on Digital Innovations in Schools
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Digitaalne innovatsioon koolis - rahvusvahelised perspektiivid
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International Perspectives on Digital Innovations in Schools
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
To get overview of international perspectives of using ICT in teaching and learning;
To make inferences and summarizing about different ICT teaching and learning aspects across countries;
To develop informed proposals of ICT transformation in schools.
Brief description of the course
The course aims at giving overview of international perspectives of the training models for ICT competences; ICT infrastructures in schools; types of innovative ICT activities; and the change management for digital innovation. Students are guided to analyze international reports of ICT situations in schools and making inferences how different types of innovation in training, digital infrastructure and teaching and learning could transform schools in the particular socio-technical regime settings (countries). The course highlights the factors for schools’ digital divide.
Independent work
Individual and collaborative tasks

Groupwork with Assignment 1: 24.09-16.11
Student has to participate in a selected group to develop report for Assignment 1. Work in elearning mode.

Individual work with Assignment 2: 17.11-12.01
Student has to develop individually a report for Assignment 2 using the input received from seminars 2-4 and the reports from Assignment 1.
Work in elearning mode.
Learning outcomes in the course
- Can distinguish innovative digital trends in schools based on different countries perspectives.
- Can identify the gaps in school’s digital learning ecosystem using the pre-prepared data from the school observation and proposes means for digital transformation of the school based on international practices.
Assessment methods
The student has to complete Assignment 1 and Assignment 2.

Group assignment 1: Summative report of a specified aspect in ICT country reports (e.g. training, infrastructure component, ICT-supported activity). Based on group reports making in seminars 2-4 informed suggestions how to introduce in selected countries digital changes during active learning activities at contact days 2-4. (60 % of the grade).
Individual assignment 2: Digital transformation proposal for a school case in a specific socio-technological regime context (using selected countries’ schools’ data). (40 % of the grade)

Oral exam based on reporting and defending assignments. During exam students will present their school ICT improvement projects to South Korea, Georgia, Ghana, Estonia.
Kai Pata
Additional information
The student has to complete Assignment 1 and Assignment 2.

Course environment eDidaktikum Course International perspectives on digital innovations in schools
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