Professional Placement
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Haridustehnoloogia praktika
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Professional Placement
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Linda Helene Sillat (eesti keel) e-toega kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
The aim of the course is to support the development of skills for implementing educational technology in different organizations in order to support different roles in both public and private sector.
Brief description of the course
Students will pass the placement, performs different indivitual assignments and analyses and reflects on personal professional e-portfolio.
Independent work
All the practice assignments must be uploaded to the online learning environment on deadline.
Information about the assignments is found on:
Learning outcomes in the course
→ Understands different roles in organisational level;
→ Introduces educational technology in diferent organizations and integrates technology into learning process design;
→ Supports the the use of technology in diferent situations and roles;
→ Is prepared to plan
Assessment methods
For passing grade the student must:
→ establish individual development aims in coherence with the placement organization;
→ analyse different roles of an organisation and processes which affect the use of digital technology and the implementation of educational technology solutions;
→ directs and guides the various parties of the organization and regularly analyses and reflects on different actions on personal blog;
→ applies different educational technology advisory methods and evaluates the process;
→ prepares and introduces a practice report in a seminar, including the individual development goals and further development plan.

Student must carry out at least 51% of the course assignments.
Linda Helene Sillat
Study literature
Kohustusliku kirjanduse leiab kursuse veebikeskkonnast.
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Replacement literature
Kursust ei ole võimalik läbida asenduskirjanduse alusel.