Effective Computer Usage
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Effective Computer Usage
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autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
A purpose of this subject is to provide the students with advanced knowledge and competence for more successful activity in contemporary environment, that is significantly based on computer technologies. To contribute to the formation of skills for working with typical office software, various Internet services, and social software.

Brief description of the course
Working in a Windows environment. File system and operations. Working in a network environment. Word processing, methods of creating documents. Support of printing. Importing the objects to the text: pictures, logos, tables, charts, mathematical formulae. Inserting of table of contents and page numbers. Headers and footers. Calculations in tables. Basics of formulae. Creating of databases, their sorting and reports. Charts. Graphic presentations. Creating of the slides, adding of visual effects. Working with Internet. Searching. File transportation. Browsing of e-mail. User’s safety. Cloud computing.
Independent work
Independent work consists solving practical tasks using office software and social software.
Learning outcomes in the course
Be able to design (borders, headers / footers, text styles, table of contents, references, tables, lists) large documents using appropriate options of word processing software;
Can use a spreadsheet program to design and create tables, that includes formulas with simple functions, create data tables and process data, visualize data through charts;
Be able to create presentations, following the recommended procedures and using the software options;
Be able to use in groupwork modern social software applications;
Is able to digitally sign documents and to open them.
Assessment methods
Exam. To pass classification test, the student must solve the task (tasks) issued by the teacher for every topic of the disciplne and defend his/her original work. The test must be passed at the last practical study (2 x 45 minutes). The general mark of the test depends on the sum of accumulated points for each of the parts of the test.
õp Inga Petuhhov
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