History of Russian Culture
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Vene kultuurilugu
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History of Russian Culture
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Course aims
To create opportunities for the development of student’s knowledge about Russian way of life, education and art.
Brief description of the course
Way of life, education and art in Ancient Russia. Changes in culture as a result of 18th century reforms by Peter I. Institutions, architecture, art music theatre in 19th century. “Silver age” – the time of Russian art’s blooming. The role of theatre in Russian culture.
Soviet age: bloom of art and theatre in 1920ies, difficulties in 1930ies, crisis in 1940ies. Stalin’s repressions from 1930ies till 1953rd.Censorship in Soviet Russia. “Thaw” – Renaissance in culture. Time of stagnation and the role of theatre during it. Repressive poltics till the end of the existence of the USSR.Culture during the last years of the Soviet state. Nowadays Russian culture.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has acquired knowledge about the features of Russian culture;
- is able to find, identife and make a primary analizys of it in texts.
Anna Gubergrits, PhD