EU Environmental Policy
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Euroopa Liidu keskkonnapoliitika
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EU Environmental Policy
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Course aims
The aim of the subject is to give an overview of the EU environmental policy development, goals, the main conception, institutions and implementation. The subject will cover legal foundations of EU environmental policy, relevant directives in different fields of environmental protection, as well as the relationship between Estonia as a candidate state and the EU in the field of environmental protection.
Brief description of the course
The course will cover the principles of sustainable development and EU environmental policy as well as different fields of environmental protection. The course will give an overview of EU environmental legislation, underlying the principles of environmental law; the most important legal acts of the field of environment, the main fields of environmental protection: preservation of air, water and nature, waste management and horizontal regulation. Harmonizing the Estonian environmental system with the requirements of the EU, problematic fields, transition stage. EU subsidiaries and financing schemes in environmental sector.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has knowledge of historic development, principles, decision-making processes and regulative instruments of EU environmental policy;
- has skills to orientate in the most important EU environmental legislative acts and policy areas, knowledge of their content;
- has basic knowledge of sustainable development and environmentally friendly behaviour.
Hindrek Lootus