Drawing and Painting Studio I
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Joonistamise ja maalimise stuudio I
Course title in English
Drawing and Painting Studio I
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Orest Kormašov (eesti keel) tavaline kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
Acquire basic knowledge about drawing and painting. Develop the skills related to drawing and painting during practical work in studio.
Brief description of the course
The Basic Drawing Course: The basic elements in drawing and different techniques, drawing materials and papers. Variety of practical exercises and lessons. The fundamentals of drawing from nature. Still-life composition. Sceleton, skull, portrait, hands. Variety of assignments to develop basic skills.
Painting: Cognition of world as colourful. Using opaque colours. Relationship between colour, form and space. Organization of painting surface, proportions, rhythms. Impartation of different materials. Painting a portrait.
Independent work
Reading relevant disciplinary literature, finishing studio works, developing a portfolio of sketches.
Learning outcomes in the course
- knoweledge about the fundamentals of drawing and painting
- skills to apply knowledge about fundamentals in drawing and painting to individual drawings
- awareness of proportions of the head/skull, ability to capture character in portrait
- ability to use painting tools
- ability to compose the painting surface according to colour, rhythm and proportions
- ability to impart room situation
- ability to depict various materials
Assessment methods
Exam. Exposition of completed works
Dots Orest Kormašov, lekt Linda Elken
Study literature
Drawing : mastering the language of visual expression / Keith Micklewright London : Laurence King Publishing, 2005 TLÜAR
Complete guide to life drawing / Gottfried Bammes Tunbridge Wells (Kent) : Search Press, 2014 TLÜAR
Drawing & painting : materials and techniques for contemporary artists / Kate Wilson. London : Thames and Hudson, 2015 TLÜAR
Colour painting : using the full palette / Diane Edison. London : Laurence King, 2008 EKAR,TLÜAR,TÜR
Tammert, M. (2006). Värviõpetus. Tartu: Aimwell.
Gage, J. (2001). Colour and meaning : art, science and symbolism / John Gage. Ilmunud London : Thames & Hudson.
Maalikunstnike monograafiad, muuseumide ja pildigaleriide albumid, näituste kataloogid, kunstnike elulood ja kirjavahetused, filosoofiat käsitlevad teosed, kunstikriitika.
Replacement literature
Kuna tegemist on praktilise ainega, siis õppeaine ei ole kirjandusega asendatav.