Drawing and Painting Studio IV
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Course title in Estonian
Joonistamise ja maalimise stuudio IV
Course title in English
Drawing and Painting Studio IV
ECTS credits
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Teaching semester
Assessment form
lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
Orest Kormašov (eesti keel)
lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
Acquiring practical skills for artistic activity
Brief description of the course
Integrated studio of drawing and painting. Course focuses on how to use ideas and concepts in creating art works, based on the fundamental skills in different mediums (drawing, painting) acquired in the foundation courses and artistic abilities. Experimentation with different mediums and processes – plain air painting and drawing workshop.
Independent work
Independent work: getting acquinted with the examples and finding additional materials from various sources (internet, photos, assamblage, etc), further development of studio works according to stated purposes. Completing sketchbook ”My Tallinn” started during plain air workshop
Learning outcomes in the course
- readyness to experiment with different media
- ability to create a complete artistic work from an idea
- ability to express and articulate the artistic choices and preferences
Assessment methods
Exam. Exposition of completed works
Dots Orest Kormašov, lekt Linda Elken
Study literature
Vitamin D : new perspectives in drawing / authors Johanna Burton ... [et al.] ; introduction by Emma Dexter London ; New York : Phaidon Press, 2005, 2007. EKAR,EKMR,TLÜAR,TÜR
Vitamin P₂: new perspectives in painting / designed by Julia Hasting; introduction by Barry Schwabsky. : Phaidon, 2011, 2013. EKAR, EKMR,TÜR
Maalikunstnike ja joonistavate kunstnike albumid, monograafiad jm. TLÜAR riiulis.
Replacement literature
Kuna tegemist on praktilise ainega, siis asenduskirjandus puudub.