Information Architecture and Information Design
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Infoarhitektuur ja -disain
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Information Architecture and Information Design
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
To create preconditions for understanding theoretical approaches and practical solutions of web information architecture.
Brief description of the course
Web information architecture concept. Basic knowledge of the users´ information needs and mental models. Content structuring principles. Navigation and search tools, metadata, ontologies and thesauri. Information architecture analysis, evaluation methods and criteria of websites and intranets. Creation of website information architecture.
Independent work
Use of literatuure and independent, individual and project work.
Information architecture analysis and user profiling
skills. The project work of creating web information architecture.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completion of the course, the student:
understands the objectives of the creation of information architecture, functionality and Web applications in various environments;
is familiar with the basic steps of creating information architecture and methods;
recognizes the basic principles of the user centered information design;
is able to analyze, evaluate and recommend the best
solutions of web information architecture and information design.
Assessment methods
Formative assessment. Individual assessments and project work.
lekt E. Uverskaja
Study literature
Morville, P. Rosenfeld, L. (2002). Information Architecture for the World Wide Web: Designing Large-Scale Web Sites (2nd ed.). Cambridge : O'Reilly;

Dillon, A. and D. Turnbull.(2005). Information architecture. In Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science. 3rd ed., 2361- 2368.
Brown, D. (2010). Eight principles of information architecture. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 36 (6).
Wurman, R. S. (2001). Information Anxiety 2 (2nd ed.). New York: QUE.
Additional information
Kõigi iseseisvate, praktiliste tööde tähtajaline ja positiivne täitmine ja projektitöö sooritamine.
Töö hilinemise korral tuleb sellest teavitada õppejõudu.
Replacement literature
Norlin, E. & Winters, C. M. (2002). Usability Testing for Library Web Sites: A Hands-On Guide. Chicago: IL: American Library Association.
Wilson, A. Paula (2004). Library Web Sites: Creating Online Collections and Services. Chicago: IL: American Library Association.
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