Learning Game Design
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Õppemängu disain
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Learning Game Design
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lecturer of 2023/2024 Spring semester
Peadar Charles Callaghan (language of instruction:English)
lecturer of 2024/2025 Autumn semester
Not opened for teaching. Click the study programme link below to see the nominal division schedule.
Course aims
Course objectives:
1. Give an overview of theories, design and implementation of learning games.
2. Provide knowledge and skills of implementation possibilities of learning games in educational contexts.
3. Support acquiring necessary knowledge and skills for designing, developing, implementing and evaluating learning games in educational contexts.
4. Support acquiring necessary skills and knowledge for integrating learning design models, learning theories and learning game design.
Brief description of the course
During the course students go through different stages of learning game design process:
1. Introduction of the course and examples of learning games
2. Theoretical background of educational game design (key concepts, learning philosophies, learning theories, game based learning related educational theories, learning preferences and stiles)
3. Process of educational game design (Instructional design process models, game development process)
4. Analysis of the needs and target group
5. Learning objectives (classifications and definition)
6. Learning content specification (facts, concepts, rules, activities)
7. Learning activities
8. "Lesson" plan
9. Learning materials and tools
10. Teaching
11. Evaluation
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has basic knowledge and skills related to learning game design, development, implementation and evaluation;
- understands benefits and drawbacks of game-based learning;
- demonstrates competencies to integrate different learning design models and theories with learning game design.
Martin Sillaots