Introduction to Digital Learning Games
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Sissejuhatus digitaalsetesse õpimängudesse
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Introduction to Digital Learning Games
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Course aims
The course aims to provide an overview of, and an introduction to, the fields of educational game design and game studies. The students will examine the concepts of play, digital games and game-based learning, familiarize themselves with the major areas of game studies, and gain an overview of game design techniques and game creation process.
Brief description of the course
The course begins with an introduction to games and play in general, followed by a more specific discussion of digital games and various theoretical perspectives regarding them. Then the concepts of gamification and digital learning games are introduced and educational paradigms that can be employed in such games are examined. The second half of the course builds on previously discussed concepts to provide an overview of game design process and techniques. The course includes a number of group activities. Independent work consists of individual assignments and a final project where students present their own game ideas.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has a grasp of the key concepts in game design, game-based learning, and game studies;
- is able to analyze existing digital and analogue games from a range of perspectives;
- has a basic understanding of the process of game design.
Mikhail Fiadotau