Artificial Intelligence for Games
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Tehisintellekt mängudes
Course title in English
Artificial Intelligence for Games
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lecturer of 2021/2022 Spring semester
Mikhail Fiadotau (language of instruction:English)
lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
The objective of this course is to learn the theory, technology and practice of AI design and implementation.
Brief description of the course
During this course we start from basics: What is AI in games and then continue looking in to AI movement by covering topics like steering behavior, movement predictions and formations. After that we continue to area of pathfinding where we dissect algorithms like Dijkstra and A*. This is continued with AI decision making, where we look at its different systems and solutions like Behaviour Trees, Blackboards and view how different AI characters can cooperate via tactics and strategy. In the end of the class we view how it is possible use learning AI in gaming context.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- is able to design AI elements for action, strategy and puzzle games.
Roman Gorislavski