Methods of Teaching Games
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Mänguõpetuse metoodika
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Methods of Teaching Games
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
Create the conditions to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of sport , movement and experiential games. Support the acquisition of basic knowledge and main principles of different types of games. To acquire the skills for planning, preparing, conducting and analysing different types of games.
Brief description of the course
Basic knowledge and principles in different types of games (mainly sport, movement and experiential games). The preparation and conduction of games based on the various rules of the games and competition systems. Learning the regulations. Implementation of the competition protocols and practicing as a judge. To do the analysis about teaching the games. Specificities of experiential games and practical methods.
Independent work
Work with literature. Preparation and conduction of various games according to the guidelines.
Learning outcomes in the course
On completion of course, the student will:
*have basic knowledge and fundamental principles of different types of games;
*understand the specifics of different games, appropriateness for different target groups and environments, structure of ruled and regulations;
*know the necessity of proper preparations of games, regulations of the competitions, rules of the games.
*be able to organise and conduct different sport-, movement- and experiential games, tournaments with different competition systems;
*be able to act as a instructor of the game and a judge;
*be able to analyse the preparation, organisation and conduction of the game.
Assessment methods
Assessment consists of a written and practical part. In a practical part students must choose and carry out two different games, and in written part all materials (all the games which were presented in the lessons) and self-reflections according to games, must be submitted in exercises book and presented at the end of the course.
dotsent Raini Stamm, lektor Reeda Tuula