Organisational Communication
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Organisational Communication
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lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
Mart Soonik (eesti keel, inglise keel)
lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
Provide systematic overview of the principles of organizational communication, theories, organizational behaviour and management in the context of different organization theories and usual communication problems in organizations. General principles of communication management planning and daily work are provided as well. The course prepares students to plan, implement and measure the results of internal communication activities.
Brief description of the course
The course will cover following topics: communication processes in different types of organizations; the relations of organizational communication with organizational behaviour, culture and decision making; the role of internal communication in employee motivation; managers and their communication etc. Students will practice conducting internal communication process based on one channel.
Independent work
Essay where student analyses the communication of a chosen organization (based on publicly available materials, textbook examples, academic articles, media texts etc). Students will conduct a survey as a group assignment outside the class where each student has a specific task.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completion of the course the student:
- can define, what is organizational communication and knows the main concepts of the field;
- can define the main actors and factors in internal communication, knows their purpose and roles;
- can conduct preliminary necessary surveys;
- can measure the effectiveness of organisational communication and knows appropriate system of measuring;
- recognizes traditional „bottlenecks“ in internal communication;
- knows the main principles of internal communication planning.
Assessment methods
home assignment, participation in group work, written exam
Mart Soonik, MA
Study literature
Mumby, D. 2013 Organizational Communication: A Critical Approach. Sage
Effective Internal Communication (PR in Practice) by Lyn Smith and Pamela Mounter (Kogan Page, CIPR Publications 2008);
The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication: A Guide to Internal Communication, Public Relations, Marketing and Leadership (J-B International Association of Business Communicators) by Tamara Gillis (2006);
Gower Handbook of Internal Communication by Marc Wright (2009) (Gower Publishing Ltd).
Replacement literature
Books in the reading list plus books and academic articles chosen by the instructor