Russian Literature of 19th Century
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19. sajandi vene kirjandus
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Russian Literature of 19th Century
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Course aims
Aim is to give the students the review and the knowledge of the 19th century Russian literature.
Brief description of the course
Literary schools at the beginning of the 19th century. Romanticism in Russian literature, it’s national features in the works by V.Zhukovskii. Realism in A.Pushkin’s poetry, prose and dramaturgy. A.Griboedov. M.Lermontov’s poetics; „The Hero of our Time”. Prose and dramaturgy by N.Gogol. New themes in Russian literature. „Natural school”. I.Goncharov. I.Turgenev. Poetry: A.Foet, F.Tiutchev, N.Nekrasov. Literary features of 1860ies-1880ies.New critics. Predominance of prose. Philosophy and psyhology of the Russian literature. Satire: M.Saltykov Stshedrin. Russian literature of absurd. Dramaturgy: A.Ostrovskii, A,Tolstoi. Time of great writers: F.Dostoevskii, L.Tolstoi, A.Chekhov, their ideas, methods and works.
Course include self-dependent work of student (reading the creations by Russian writers of the period, critics etc)
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Knowledge of the features and the best works by Russian poets and writers of the 19th century
Anna Gubergrits, PhD