Political Communication
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Poliitiline kommunikatsioon
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Political Communication
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Course aims
-Communication is an important strategic function in sociopolitical processes. The objective of this course is to give an overview of political communication as a discipline; to give an insight into its theories and possible ways of application in the science of politics and governance. The aim is to explain the effect of political communication on institutional processes as well as political culture, citizenship etc.
Brief description of the course
- Political communication as an object, its ways and mechanisms. Technological determinism and the impact of different mediums. Political communication and democracy. The public; regulations in media. Political culture, public opinion, political campaigns and propaganda. Government as a political communication, the public sector. Globalization.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- acquires the vocabulary of political communication and its usage as well as understand the nearby subject fields

Mari-Liis Jakobson