Labour Law and Public Service
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Tööõigus ja avalik teenistus
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Labour Law and Public Service
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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Course aims
Module subject. The aim of the subject is to give students an overview of the position of labour law and public service in Estonian legal system. Students need to be taught the basics of procedural law in addition to the norms of substantive law.
Learning methods: lectures and seminars.
Students solve cases on the basis of established court practices in seminars.
Brief description of the course
The essence of employment and the basics of legal regulation. Employment contract, its difference from authorisation contract and contract for services, representation. Entering into an employment contract, suspension of employment contract, amendment and termination of employment contract. Labour disputes. Working and rest time. Holiday. Earnings. Entering into and release from public service. Service.
Concentrated overviews of the topics will be given in lectures. The topics will be deepened by students’ independent work, which involves exploring literature, preparing for discussions in seminars, etc., including independent home assignments (i.e. essays). Students prepare for exam.
Kalle Liikvart
Prerequisite course 1