Basic Marketing
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Sissejuhatus turundusse
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Basic Marketing
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Course aims
The aim of the course is to provide the students with primary structured understanding of marketing as the central function of a business. Marketing connects company and its customers and determines the organisations market position and role in the society. In addition to that, the course enables to develop the basic skills of marketing instruments.
Brief description of the course
Basic Marketing course is a basic level marketing course which gives students an introduction of the basics of marketing. The students will learn about the basics of marketing, including marketing main postulations, the main rules of marketing environment and market functions. Additionally, the students will be acquainted with the marketing instruments and ethics of marketing.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- understands the essence of marketing-function, its importance and aim;
- is able to assess marketing campaigns generally and is able to determine the usage and expediency of different marketing instruments depending on market context and aims set by the management;
- is able to measure those aims.
Sigrid Salla