Introduction to Entrepreneurship
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Ettevõtluse põhikursus
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Introduction to Entrepreneurship
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Course aims
This course is an introductory study into business environment and business processes from the point of view of an entrepreneur. The goal is to give an initial overview of preconditions for business development and determinants of entrepreneurial success.
Brief description of the course
How to evaluate business environment. How to understand the motives, roles and goals of entrepreneurs in society. How to find business ideas, evaluate and implement them. How to determine necessary resources for business. How to organise activities of an actual company How to plan and control business activities. How to analyse the market and competition. How to develop sales strategies and evaluate business activities.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has basic knowledge of entrepreneurship. Knowledge and know-how of how to start a business;
-can present and justify a business plan;
- knows the legislation and procedures of business foundation.
Kristo Krumm