Creative Strategy in Advertising
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Reklaami loovstrateegia
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Creative Strategy in Advertising
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Course aims
Create the preconditions for acquiring an overview of the concept and modern theories of creativity, also for knowing and implementing the techniques of creative advertising, elaborating new ideas and sales, and for generating different advertising ideas.
Brief description of the course
Bases of defining creativity. Theories of creativity. Physiological foundations of creativity. The creative process. The creative person. Creativity and motivation. Creativity in organization and management. Stimulating the expression of creativity. Creativity in advertising. Structured and unstructured creativity. The method of brainstorming. Lateral thinking. Six caps of thinking. “Scamper”. Systematic creative thinking. SIT-method. Elaborating the general idea of an advertising campaign.Independent work: working through the literature of advertising and creativity and presenting it at the seminar.
Eda Heinla, PhD; Kalev Külaase
Prerequisite course 1