Company Culture
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Ettevõtte kultuur
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Company Culture
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Course aims
To provide an understanding of company culture and its importance. To introduce the main concepts and functions of culture and company culture. To support systematic understanding of the shaping of company culture, how it is passed forward and its influence on different situations. To introduce practical opportunities how managers can change the company culture and help to identify the steps of organization’s life cycle.
Brief description of the course
Company culture is entry level course with a goal to explain the main concepts of culture and company culture, explain their functions and managers’ influence on the company culture.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows current approaches to organization and management, knows main terms and problems of company culture;
- understands the main aspects of company culture;
- differs between external and internal environments of an organization;
- evaluates management’s role in shaping company culture;
- is able to analyse company’s culture and make suggestions to change or improve it.
Raivo Palmaru, PhD