Media Theories
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Media Theories
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Course aims
To introduce the meanings of the basic concepts of media communication (media-mediated public communication), to introduce the main schools of media communication research, to give a systematic overview of the fictional structures and influence of media, to explain the role of media communication in modern society and its role in culture. To create prerequisites for understanding the connection of communication theory with other social sciences and to contribute to the development of interdisciplinary and complex.
Brief description of the course
The course is a continuation of communication theory and deals with the basic concepts and processes related to one type of communication, media communication. In the last week there is a practical work during which news writing is practiced.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows the basic concepts and problems of media theory;
- orients the theory of media in the perceptions of basic schools;
- is able to distinguish different positions of the communication process in media communication and types of message;
- understands the role of the media as a constructor of reality;
- is familiar with the perceptions of the influence of the public, public opinion and the media and understands the process of the influence of the media;
- can write news and opinion stories independently;
- is able to apply the acquired knowledge in practical activities: advertising, public relations, integrated marketing communication, journalism and political communication.
Andres Kõnno