Teaching Practice in Child Care Institution IV
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Course title in Estonian
Praktika lasteasutuses IV
Course title in English
Teaching Practice in Child Care Institution IV
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Teaching semester
autumn - spring
Assessment form
lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
Maire Tuul (eesti keel)
Ilona Sillak (eesti keel)
Evelyn Neudorf (eesti keel)
Katrin Arusaar (eesti keel)
lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To support the development of a students´skills:
* plan conduct and analyze learning and education activitiesbased on the level of development of the group or the group of special children;
* support the development of a child;
* communicating as a teacher in child care institutions and the organiser of educational activities;
* implement digital technology to make learning and teaching more visible;
* analyze your activity and plan your professional development.
Brief description of the course
During their teaching practice, the student will complete all of the independent assignments found in the Teaching Practice in a Child Care Institution IV, will participate in all events of the children institution (will participate along with the children in exercise and music activities), directing the childrens games inside and outside and will participate in all events and meetings of the childcare institution.
A student within the framework of independent tasks:
* the student will examine the educational activities carried out by their supervising instructor and will complete an analysis page on this;
* in co-operation with the teacher, he prepares one week plan and makes a summary of the week with the children;
* the student will prepare the required two educational activity plans, into which various activities have been integrated;
* the student will analyse the educational activities carried out and will prepare the required analyses of the two educational activities;
* will use the appropriate technical means to make learning and teaching visible.
The practice will not be transferred with VÕTA.
Independent work
* Preparation and analysis of an action plan for teaching;
* Observation and analysis of educational activities;
* Making weekly plans and making a weekly summary;
* Preparation of education and training plans (2);
* Carrying out and analysing educational activities (2);
* Analysis of the use of technical resources to make learning visible;
* A summary of the practice and self-analysis.

Learning outcomes in the course
The student:
* determines the learner’s level of development, relying on general and sectoral skills, and takes these into consideration when setting goals for educational activities and carrying out and analysing educational activities;
* is able to draw up weekly plan and choose suitable teaching methods and tools;
* creates a learning environment that is mentally and emotionally secure, that is supportive of wellbeing, development and creative cooperation, and that takes each other into consideration and uses playful learning;
* is able to reflects on one’s professional competence;
* creates a positive communication environment and behaves in accordance with good communication practices; is guided in their work by the professional ethics of teachers;
* offers new ideas and implements them, taking account of field and subject-related knowledge, research basis and best practices;
* uses suitable ICT means and opportunities making learning more visible.

Assessment methods
Practice map, verbal account. Performance of the calculation requires: participation in teaching practice at a child care institution, in accordance with Teaching Practice in Child Care Institution IV, based on the agreed upon schedule on working days, with the recommendation being three mornings per week (08.00-13.30) and two evenings (13.30-17.30); prepare and present a teaching practice learning map (the learning map includes all assignments described in the independent work requirements); teaching activity practice in child care institutions (assessment of the teaching practice from pre-school child care institutions).
lektor Maire Tuul
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Additional information
Teaching practice is not transferred with VÕTA (decision 1-6/34 of 12.03.2018 of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Education; Teaching practice encompasses the activities of the teachers of pre-school child care institutions in accordance with the professional standard and continuous self-analysis. Upon completion of the studies, the vocation of Teacher Level 6, shall be awarded, which requires the completion of teaching practice).
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