Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics
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Andmeanalüüs: üldistav statistika
Course title in English
Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Kairi Osula (eesti keel) e-toega kursus
Triinu Jesmin (eesti keel, inglise keel) tavaline kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To create opportunities for acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills for processing statistical data and caring out data analysis with the aid of SPSS software. The course is also set up to support developing ones ability to chose appropriate methods for analysis and presentation, as well as to understand and interpret correctly the meaning of statistical results
Brief description of the course
Population and sample. Normal distribution. Statistical inferences - parametric and nonparametric tests: confidence intervals, tests of statistical significance: t test, chi-square test, ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis test. Course consists of seminar type lectures and practical classes where students are expected to be actively involved.
Independent work
Every student must submit home assignment(s).
Learning outcomes in the course
Understands the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics;
Has got experience in setting up questions about data which lead to statistical analysis with methods of inferential statistics;
Understands statistical concepts introduced during the course, knows the prerequisites for their correct application and can interpret the results of the analysis correctly;
Can recognise different types of variables and choose appropriate statistical techniques accordingly;
Can use the SPSS software with the aid of the manual for simple data processing and analysis.
Assessment methods
Exam consist of two equal parts: written test and independent work. Each of them make 50% of the final grade.
Kairi Osula, Triinu Jesmin
The course is a prerequisite
Study literature
Niglas, K. Videoloengud andmeanalüüsist (DVD müük/laenutus Digitehnoloogiate instituudi büroos)
Osula, K. Kursuse materjalid (
Niglas, K. Statistika loengumaterjale (
Niglas, K. (2007) Andmeanalüüs statistikapaketi SPSS 14.00 abil. Põhikursus Tallinn, TLÜ.
Additional information
It is highly recommended to participate in every seminar.
For a positive grade, both independent work and exam, have to be at least 51% each.
Replacement literature
Hiob, K. (1995) Matemaatiline statistika. Algkursus koolidele, Tallinn
Parring, A.-M., Vähi, M., Käärik, E. (1997) Statistilise andmetöötluse algõpetus, Tartu
Tooding, L.-M. (1999) Andmeanalüüs sotsiaalteadustes, Tartu
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