Insurance Law
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Insurance Law
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lecturer of 2021/2022  Autumn semester
Aare Kruuser (language of instruction:English)
lecturer of 2021/2022  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
- to provide an overview of insurance law and the general principles of insurance activity, current trends in insurance law, and societal relations that insurance law regulates; and to explain important theoretical and practical problems of insurance law and the options for solving them;
- to give an overview of the relevant court practice, which is necessary for understanding and solving insurance law cases and implementing insurance law;
- to develop the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for understanding insurance law cases.

Brief description of the course
The course provides an overview of the historical development and the current trends of insurance law. It deals with general questions of insurance law and also with special types of insurance contract (non-life insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, sickness insurance) The part and role, system, principles, institutes of insurance law will also be covered. In addition, cases and written assignments will be solved during the course.

Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows and understands the aims of insurance law and activity, which legal norms form insurance law, what insurance law regulates, and which are the current trends in insurance;
- knows, understands and is able to utilize the main notions of insurance law;
- knows the insurance legislation;
- is aware of the rights and duties of the subjects of an insurance contract;
- can individually solve simple insurance law cases.

Aare Kruuser