Supportive Environment for Health and Lifestyle
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Tervist toetav keskkond ja eluviis
Course title in English
Supportive Environment for Health and Lifestyle
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Course aims
The students will get an understanding how to
 link environmental factors with human behavior, the connection between lifestyle and environment
 create supportive environments for health
Brief description of the course
Environmental health factors and human behavior, basic concepts. Everyone has a role in creating supportive environments for health: empowerment, “bottom up” and “bottom down” strategy. Supportive environments cover the physical, social, economic, and political environment. Supportive environments encompass where people live, work and play, “settings” approach. Healthy environment. Life style factors: nutrition, healthtraining, stress, motivation. Health tests. Life expectancy. Health trends. Examples: “Blue Zones”
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- is able to explain the connection between lifestyle, environment, heritage, medicine and health and related terminology;
- is able to analyze the risk and protective factors of „lifestyle diseases”;
- can choose the healthy nutrition and to explain the criteria of healthy healthtraining;
- can explain the connection between decision making, behaviour, environment and health;
- can choose the healthiest possible living environment;
- is able to analyze the factors of well-being and stress management.
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