Human Anatomy
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Inimese anatoomia
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Human Anatomy
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Course aims
Focus subject. The purpose is to provide an overview of human body structure, to explain the concept of functional rationality of human organs and organic systems.
Brief description of the course
Human body structure: tissue, organs, organic systems. Structure of locomotive organs: types of junctions between bones, compositional elements determining the movement of joints, muscle structure and functioning. Principles in structure and functioning of cardiovascular system, senses, internal organs, sense organs and endocrine system.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
The student, having acquired knowledge of general principles of body structure, has gained comprehension of movement potentialities resulting from peculiarities of the structure of locomotive organs is knowledgeable of the structure and functions of internal organs, knows the structural principles of the regulative systems and sensory organs of human body and is able to make connections between their operations and movement functions of human body.
dots Meeli Roosalu
The course is a prerequisite