Group Processes
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Group Processes
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Course aims
Give an overview of the principles of processes in human groups and human behavior in a group, also to introduce different models, theories and research models that describe different group processes.
Brief description of the course
Characteristics of groups. The principles of forming/formation of groups, their types. Group norms. The impact of group size on processes. J. Moreno, sociometrics. The impact of diversity on group processes. Cohesiveness, influencing factors. Social relationship networks in groups. Roles in a group. Social status, its development in the group. Leadership. Processes enhancing and inhibiting group activity. Social facilitation, social loathing. Conformity. Ostracism. The developmental stages of the group. Formation of a leader. Extreme group behavior, polarization, aggressiveness. Decision-making processes in a group. Group thinking.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows the factors influencing group processes;
- is able to analyze the factors of group activity efficiency and the risks for achieving group goals that come from group processes;
- is able to use different methods for analyzing and developing the social relationship networks of groups.
Lektor A.-R.Tereping, tead. kand.