Information and Knowledge Management Politics and Strategies
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Info- ja teadmusjuhtimise poliitikad ja strateegiad
Course title in English
Information and Knowledge Management Politics and Strategies
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
To create the conditions for the acquisition of knowledge, information and knowledge management policies and practical strategies and skills to implement them in the organizations.
Brief description of the course
Organization information culture and information policy. Strategies and systems for effective information and knowledge management. Information life-cycle management: information creation, collection, processing, dissemination and exploitation strategies. Management decision support information systems and information monitoring. Information and knowledge management role in the management of change and innovation.
Independent work
Compilation of thematic individual or group analyses in the e-learning environment based on the compulsory literature and study materials.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completion of the course, the student:
understands the importance of information culture and information policy in achieving organization strategic objectives;
knows and distinguishes the organization implemented processes: information and knowledge management, information resources management and information technology management;
will be able to analyze the information needs of the organization and the external environment in order to organize strategic information resources monitoring, referencing the organization's goals and changes and innovations management.
Assessment methods
Exam (formative assessment)
Examination grade is formed on the basis of problem-based individual or group
lekt Elviine Uverskaja, MA
Study literature
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Additional information
Õppetöö toimub aines veebipõhiselt MOODLE`i keskkonnas.
Replacement literature
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