Webometrics and Web Studies
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Veebimeetria ja veebiuuringud
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Webometrics and Web Studies
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
- To create preconditions for acquiring knowledge on metric studies and their approaches
- To create prerequisites for obtaining knowledge on the basics of quantitative and qualitative study of the Web
- To create possibilities for obtaining practical skills in using the simple techniques of web metrics and qualitative study
Brief description of the course
The concepts of metric studies: bibliometrics, informetrics, scientometrics, webometrics, web analytics. Data collection from the web and its tools. The approaches for web metrics: networks and link analysis, web impact assessment, analysing comments and sentiment. Analysing blogs and Twitter. Web texts thick description. The possibilities of studying traditional publications on the web. Webometric Analyst, SocSciBot, Google Trends, Google Analytics and ohter software for web metrics. Qualitative study of the web, digital ethnography.
Independent work
Reading and analysis of literature on the topic, practical assignments
Learning outcomes in the course
At the completion of the course the student:
● knows the basics and main concepts of metric studies including web metrics;
● knows the main approaches of statistical analysis of the web;
● is aware of the options of qualitative study of the web;
● is able to use the simple techniques of web metrics and qualitative study
Assessment methods
The course is passed on the basis of practical assignments that have been performed according to the requirements
dots A.Möldre
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