Cultural Heritage: Access and Preservation
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Kultuuripärand: juurdepääs ja säilitamine
Course title in English
Cultural Heritage: Access and Preservation
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spring 1
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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Course aims
To provide basic knowledge of different types of cultural heritage, the principles of preservation and of digitization as the mean of preservation and access to cultural heritage.
Brief description of the course
Cultural heritage and documentary heritage. Digital heritage and digitised heritage. Preservation of cultural heritage. Factors that affect the rate of ageing. International guidelines for preservation of cultural heritageUNESCO and EU initiatives. Cooperation in digitization. Access to digital cultural heritage.

Independent work
Individual assignements: reading of compulsory literature and analysis of digitisation guidelines and collections for seminars ; analysis of a digitization project as a group work.
Learning outcomes in the course
Students who have passed the course:
- Have knowledge of cultural and documentary heritage and are able to describe different types of heritage.
- Understand the importance of preservation of cultural heritage and skills to evaluate the main factors of danger influencing the survival of the heritage,
- Are able to prepare digitisation projects and work as a team.
- Know the principles of digital preservation and are able to provide access to digital heritage.
Assessment methods
Individual assignments and group work are positively assessed
Tiiu Reimo, PhD
Study literature
Bishoff, L., Allen, N. (2004). Business Planning for Cultural Heritage Institutions. (2004). A framework and resource guide to assist cultural heritage institutions with business planning for sustainability of digital asset management programs.
Access through Internet: (26.01.10)
Commission of the European Communities. Commission Recommendation on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation (2006).
Access through Internet: (26.01.10)
Guidelines for Digitization projects for collections and holdings in the publik domain, particularly those held by libraries
and archives. (2002).
Access through Internet: (26.01.10)