Pedagogical and Psychological Factors of Developing Learning Games
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Õpimängude arendamise pedagoogilised ja psühholoogilised faktorid
Course title in English
Pedagogical and Psychological Factors of Developing Learning Games
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Course aims
The purpose of this course is to give and overview of pedagogical psychology and aspects of learning theories that are important in developing learning games.
Brief description of the course
Students will learn the main principles of pedagogical psychology, main learning theories and educational special needs.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- Is able to take into accound learners psychological, age and special needs when developing learning games;
- Knows main leaning theories and are able to plan the learning outcomes of a game;
- Knows different learning difficulties and educational special needs;
- Knows different learning styles and skills.
Triinu Jesmin