3D Graphics for Computer Games
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Course title in Estonian
3D-graafika loomine arvutimängudele
Course title in English
3D Graphics for Computer Games
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lecturer of 2021/2022 Spring semester
Andrus Rinde (language of instruction:English)
lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To provide opportunities for obtaining basic knowledge, skills and experience for creating and animating 3D models for computer games.
Brief description of the course
Different 3D modelling techniques (using primitives, block modelling, sculpting). Shaders, materials, textures, lights and cameras. 3D animation, basic physics, skeletal animation, particle animation. Importing 3D models into game environment (i.e. Unity).
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows the most important concepts related to 3D modeling and animation;
- knows the most important 3D modeling techniques and tools and is able to use them;
- is able to use shaders, create materials, apply textures to 3D models;
- is able to prepare models for skeletal animation (rigging);
- is able to create animations needed to perform game actions (looping and canned animations);
- is able to create basic particle animatios;
- is able to add lights and cameras to 3D scene;
- is able to import 3D models to game environment (i.e. Unity).
Andrus Rinde